JAIST International symposium on 

Nano-Materials for Novel Devices

Date : Thursday, January 11 and Friday, January 12, 2024
Place : Kanzawa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hall 

11th, January, 2024

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12:30   reception (desk) open


13:00   Welcome Speech (Prof. Minoru TERANO, President of JAIST)

13:10   Prof. Jana Vejpravova (Keynote lecture1)
           "Prospects of chiral light-matter interaction in van der Waals materials"

13:50   Prof. Hiroki Ago (Invited talk, Domestic1) 
            "Large-scale growth and integration of high-quality 2D materials for 2.5D materials science"

14:20   Prof. Yukiko Yamada-Takamura (Invited talk, JAIST1) 
             "Novel 2D Materials Beyond Graphene Stabilized on Substrates" 


14:50   Break


15:20   Assoc. Prof. Goki Eda (Keynote lecture2) 

            "Engineering 2D Semiconductors for Quantum Photonics"  

16:00   Prof. Kohsuke Nagashio (Invited talk, Domestic2)  

            "Shift current photovoltaics in in-plane ferroelectric SnS" 

16:30   Prof. Hiroshi Mizuta (Invited talk, JAIST2)  

            "Downscaled Graphene Devices for Advanced Sensing and Thermal Engineering" 

17:00   Group Photo


17:10   Break


17:30   Night session 1 
            (Brief Introduction (1 mins) of Poster presenters)

18:30   Night session 2 (Poster and Dinner)

20:00   Special talk
             Prof. Martin Kalbac   (J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry)
            "Introduction to the Advanced Multiscale Materials for Key Enabling Technologies
             (AMULET) project"
             Prof. Guy Le Lay  (Aix-Marseille University), 
            "Of Frogs and Men: Ig Nobel Prize, Scotch Tape, and Sir Andre Geim" 

21:00   Session close

12th, January, 2024

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10:00  Dr. Jerzy T. Sadowski (Keynote lecture3)
            "Electron Spectro-Microscopy of 2D Materials and Devices"

10:40  Assoc. Prof. Yoshiomi Hiranaga (Invited talk, Domestic3)  
            "Visualization of nanoscale ferroelectric domain dynamics based on local capacitance measurements"

11:10  Prof. Eisuke Tokumitsu (Invited talk, JAIST3) 
            "Fabrication of oxide and transition metal dichalcogenide films by solution process for thin film transistor applications"

11:40  NMND Young researchers Award and Closing remark

12:00  End

Poster presentation

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A: Structure & Growth,   
B: Methodolgy & Characterization,   
C: Physical properties & Functions

A-01:  XU, Yuanzhe (JAIST) "Study of structural features of Kanazawa gold leaves"
A-02:  CHADIZA, Nadia Maharani (Kanazawa University) "First-principles study of the van der Waals ZnO layers"
A-03:  HASAN, Wakil (Kobe University) "Density functional study of VO2 growth on hexagonal boron nitride & graphene"
A-04:  MATSUYAMA, Keigo (The University of Tokyo) "Phase Conversion to the Air-stable 1T′-MoS2 by a Chemical Procedure"
A-05:  MORIYAMA, Akihide (Kanazawa University) "Atomic Study of MBE-grown Mn Thin Films on Insulating Substrates"
A-06:  WISESA, Sulthan Waliid Anggara (Kanazawa University) "A first-principles study of hydrogen and oxygen adsorption in mercury iodide HgI2 monolayer"
A-07:  SUZUKI, Seiya (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) "Repeatable growth of segregated germanene by oxidation and reheating"
A-08:  YOKOO, Takato (JAIST) "Research on Ultrathin Sn Films Grown on InSb(111)A for the Growth of Stanene"
A-09:  ISLAM, Md Tauhidul (JAIST) "Influence of InAs thickness on surface morphology in low-temperature grown MnAs/InAs/MnAs double heterostructure on GaAs (111)B"
A-10:  GELAN, Jieensi (JAIST) "Wet etching of AlGaN via removal of altered layer obtained by Ti-AlGaN reaction"
A-11:  KABIR, Md Faysal (JAIST) "MnSb and InSb grown on GaAs (111)B for spin-FET application"
B-01:  OGAWA, Tomoya (Tokyo Metropolitan University) "Synthesis and optical properties of high-quality monolayer Janus MoSSe on hBN substrates"
B-02:  NAGANO, Tatsuki (JAIST) "Focusing Optics to Improve Beam Spot Properties at the XPEEM/LEEM Endstation of the ESM beamline at the NSLS-II"
B-03:  MAMIYA, Ryota (JAIST) "Observation saccharides distribution in rice grains by Sum Frequency Generation confocal microscopy"
B-04:  TSUJIMURA, Kohei (JAIST) "Observation before and after addition of trivalent metal ions to SACRAN cast films using femtosecond laser SHG microscopy"
B-05:  MAN, Erlina Tik (Kanazawa University) "Development of a Cryogenic High Magnetic Field Scanning Tunneling Microscope Integrated with Microwave Irradiation Capability"
B-06:  NAKANO, Yohei (Kanazawa University) "Structural and chemical analysis of tungsten tips for scanning probe microscopy prepared by flame etching"
B-07:  MATSUURA, Gosuke (Kobe University) "Simulation of harmonic generation in silicon nanocylinder"
B-08:  PRANANTO, Dwi (JAIST) "Coherence Properties Improvement of Scanning Diamond Quantum Probes Fabricated by Ga+ Focused Ion Beam"
B-09:  WANG, Yifei (JAIST) "Optimization of scanning diamond NV center probes fabricated by using FIB"
B-10:  AOKI, Yuma (JAIST) "Fabrication of scanning diamond NV center quantum sensing probes by using maskless photolithography"
B-11:  NODA, Kasane (JAIST) "Optimization of spin properties of near-surface NV centers in diamond"
B-12:  ASO, Kohei (JAIST) "Three-dimensional atomic-scale structural characterization of titanium oxyhydroxide nanoparticles by statistical electron microscopy analysis"
B-13:  UEMOTO, Mitsuharu (Kobe University) "First-principles study on structural and electronic properties of FePd/graphene hetero-interfaces"
B-14:  UNO, Atsuki (JAIST) "Introduction of microscopic nanomechanical measurement method"
B-15:  LIU, Jiaming (JAIST) "Estimation of Critical Shear Stress of Au nanocontacts using microscopic nanomechanics measurement method"
C-01:  EMOTO, Satoru (Kyushu University) "Application of large-area CVD-grown few-layer hexagonal boron nitride to magnetic tunnel junction devices"
C-02:  TEWENG, Yedija Yusua Sibuea (Kanazawa University) "First-principles study on bulk photovoltaic effect in topological insulator phase of halide perovskites"
C-03:  JUNG, Eui Young (Kyushu University) "Transferable high-k/boron nitride gate dielectric for 2D field-effect transistors"
C-04:  SHIMOKAWA, Takaya (Kanazawa University) "Enhanced superconductivity by intrinsic strain in NbTe2"
C-05:  XIONG, Wei (JAIST) "Precise measurement of ripple structure of MoS2 nanoribbon when stretching"
C-06:  CHEN, Limi (JAIST) "Electrical conductance of suspended MoS2 nanoribbon measured by in-situ transmission electron microscope"
C-07:  NAKASHIMA, Mai (JAIST) "In-situ TEM observation of effect of electron irradiation on electrical conductance in GaSe films"
C-08:  MIYATA, Hirohisa (JAIST) "Electron trap prediction based on solid-state electronic structure for lanthanide ions doped CaCO3 phosphors"
C-09:  GAS-OSOTH, Thitinun (JAIST) "Double Electron-Electron Resonance Spectroscopy by Using a Scanning Nitrogen Vacancy Center Diamond Probe"
C-10:  HAYASHI, Kunitaka (JAIST) "Temperature detection using a scanning diamond NV center probe for thermal imaging "
C-11:  FATOMI, Zohan Syah (Kanazawa University) "First Principles Study of Electron and Phonon in BaSi2 Polymorph"
C-12:  FAUZI, Akmal (Kanazawa University) "Application of Machine Learning in High-Throughput Screening of 2D Materials for Transverse Thermoelectric"
C-13:  KAKEYA, Takafumi (JAIST) "Electron microscopy study of Zr oxides coating effect on charge-discharge properties of LiCoO2 cathode for lithium-ion batteries"
C-14:  WICAKSONO, Yusuf (RIKEN) "Enhancing Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling by Engineering Superlattice Interfaces of Light-Element Metal"
C-15:  LIN, CunjianI (JAIST) "Enabling visible-light-charged near-infrared persistent luminescence in organics by intermolecular charge transfer"

NMND Young researchers Award

This award will be given to about ”Kousen" students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and young researchers who have made particularly outstanding poster presentations.

Keynote Lecture

Prof.  Jana Vejpravova

Department of Condensed Matter Physics, 

Charles University, Prague, CZ


Main field: magnetism, condensed matter, physics, low-temperature physics, nanomaterials

(Cite from https://www.tsunamigroup.eu/member/jana-vejpravova/)

Assoc. Prof. Goki Eda 

Faculty of Scinece, 

National University of Singapore 


Main field: Exciton optoelectronics, Quantum charge transport, Novel synthesis of 2D crystals 

(Cite from https://chemistry.nus.edu.sg/people/goki-eda/

Dr. Jerzy T. Sadowski

Staff Scientist, Interface Science and Catalysis Group, Center for Functional Nanomaterials, Brookhaven National Laboratory 


Main field: Surface and interface science, thin film growth, surface morphology and crystallinity, surface chemistry and  electronic structure, catalytic properties, 2D van der Waals materials, thin films and  heterostructures, Elemental 2D materials – graphene and beyond 

(Cite from https://www.bnl.gov/staff/sadowski

Invited speakers

Prof. Hiroki Ago

Global Innovation Center (GIC), Kyushu University 


Main field: carbon electronics, graphene, metal dichalcogenides, atomic sheet, carbon nanotubes, crystal growth, CVD, nanotechnology, transistors, molecular electronics 

(Cite from https://www.gic.kyushu-u.ac.jp/ago/selfintro-e.html

Prof. Kohsuke Nagashio 

Department of Materials Engineering, The University of Tokyo 

Main field: 2D materials, layered heterostructure, electronic transport properties, crystal growth  


(Cite from https://www.material.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp/faculty/kosuke_nagashio_e.html

Assoc.Prof. Yoshiomi Hiranaga

Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University


Main field: scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy. ferroelectric materials, electronic devices

(Cite from https://www.d-nanodev.riec.tohoku.ac.jp/english/subcontents/contents_301.html )

Prof. Yukiko Yamada-Takamura

Nanomaterials and devices researcher area, JAIST 


Main field: nanomaterials, 2D materials, thin films, ultra-high vacuum, hetero-epitaxial growth, surface and interfaces 

(Cite from https://www.jaist.ac.jp/english/laboratory/nd/takamura.html

Prof. Hiroshi Mizuta

Sustainable Innovation researcher area, JAIST


Main field: NEMS, single molecular sensing, atom-scale fabrication, quantum devices, ab initio simulation


(Cite from https://www.jaist.ac.jp/english/laboratory/si/mizuta.html )

Prof. Eisuke Tokumitsu

Nanomaterials and devices researcher area, JAIST 


Main field: thin film transistor, oxide semiconductor, ferroelectric material, nonvolatile memory 

(Cite from https://www.jaist.ac.jp/english/laboratory/nd/tokumitsu.html