Greetings from the Chair of the Organizing Committee



Fundamental technologies for the development of innovative devices that transcend conventional semiconductor devices have become an important strategic goal. Currently, countries are competing to develop nanoscale semiconductor devices as a national strategy, but such development require the establishment of technological foundations and scientific principles that transcend conventional semiconductor devices, such as the search for novel functions brought about by the low dimensionality and quantum nature latent in the nanoscale and the elucidation of the physical and chemical mechanisms involved in controlling such functions. In particular, two-dimensional materials are expected to be ideal materials that respond to the miniaturization, low power consumption, and high speed of devices, and their importance is being recognized. 

This symposium will be held in the hope that researchers active in this field will present their topics as invited talk and new ideas and discoveries will emerge from cross-talking among all participants. We also expect that young researchers and students will be able to make further progress through exchanges with senior researchers.

28th, September, 2023

Chair of the Organizing Committee 

Professor Yoshifumi Oshima

Director, Nanomaterials and Devices Research Area

Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

To all who wish to participate 

Thank you for your interest in this symposium. All oral presentations will be given by invited speakers. The evening session on the 11th will be poster sessions, mainly for young researchers and students, and will provide an opportunity for discussion over a simple meal. Young researchers and students are encouraged to try their hand at poster presentation. About three Poster Excellence Awards will be given to young researchers and students who give excellent presentations. 


Hokuriku-Shinetsu Branch
The Japan Society of Applied Physics

Organizing Committee

Prof. Yoshifumi Oshima (JAIST), Chair 
Prof. Yukiko, Yamada-Takamura (JAIST)        
Prof. Eisuke, Tokumitsu (JAIST) 
Prof. Toshi-kazu, Suzuki (JAIST) 
Prof. Hieu Chi, Dam (JAIST) 
Assist. Prof. Kohei, Aso (JAIST), Treasurer 

Support Staff

Mr. Yuki, Nishita 
Ms. Mai Nakashima 
Ms. Yuka Nozawa